Paper Clip or Gem Paper Clip

Have you ever been at work when you need to send someone a report only to find out that the report is multiple pages long without any way to secure those pages? Frustrating, isn’t it? Well, we have the right item for you.

It is called a paper clip or a gem paper clip. It is a way to secure pieces of paper together, without poking holes in the paper, so that all the pages of a document are securely together.

You can place the paper clip on any side of the paper – top, bottom, left side, or even the right side of the paper. The “clips” can come in their original metal form, or you can get them colored in a variety of colors. The colors can help you organize your office from assigning colors to people to document types.

These are clips that are re-useable. That means that you can use the clips repeatedly, not adding to any environmental pollutants or waste (unlike a staple that you can use only one time).

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