Making a PB & J Sammy

You can remember that day that you had the perfect sandwich which was a Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich. The bread was fresh. The peanut butter and jelly were perfectly smeared on the bread. It tasted so good.

The Bread

The first step is the bread. Everyone has their favorite bread. Is your bread sourdough, wheat, multi-grain, white, or something else?

We need a fresh loaf of bread. You can get it at just about any store that carries food. You can get bread fresh from the bakery or buy it from the isle.

For this, we will go with white bread as our go-to bread of choice. Before you say, oh but multi-grain bread is so much better for me, this is about making the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Let’s face it, that doesn’t mean it will be good for you bread.

Now that we know the type of bread we want to use. We need to find the right loaf. For this type of sandwich, we need the bread type to be sturdy enough to hold the contents in. The recommendation would be to not go with fresh-baked bread from the bakery for this because it does not have the same consistency as loaf bread from the factory.

It’s all about the Jelly!

Next, is the jelly type. There are lots of debates about what type of jelly you should use. Strawberry, raspberry, or grape? Well, there are other fruit jellies out there that are just as tasty. For this, we will use strawberry jelly. Use the kind of jelly you enjoy the most.

Creamy or Chunky?

The type of peanut butter you use is the next step. Skippy. Jif or au natural are just three of the types of peanut butter you can have. There are lots of choices for you to make. Do you like it smooth and creamy or chunky with little bits of peanuts in it? Whichever type of peanut butter you enjoy will be the one you select.

How to Make a PB&J

You will need to take two slices of bread out of the bag the loaf is in. Place them on a cutting board. Next, you will need a knife to spread with. You always want to start with your peanut butter. This is because you are going to be putting peanut butter on both sides of the bread. Before you stop reading and think I’m crazy for writing this, try this method and tell me if you don’t love your pb&j this way!

On one side of the bread, you will spread a very thin amount of peanut butter on the bread. When you are finished set the bread back onto the cutting board. On the other piece of bread, spread a thick amount of peanut butter. You want to make sure it’s not too thick, but also, not too thin either. When you are finished, put the bread back onto the cutting board.

Next, open the jar of jelly you are using to put on your sandwich. Take the piece of bread with the thin layer of peanut butter on it up. You will use this piece for the jelly. Spread the jelly around the bread. Make sure to use a decent amount of jelly, making sure it’s not too much, but also not too thin. Set the bread down on the cutting board.

Pick up the piece of bread with the thick amount of peanut butter on it. Flip the bread over so that the peanut butter side is facing down. Place the bread on top of the bread with the jelly on it. Cut the sandwich in half. Pick up one of the halves and take a bite.

Other Types of Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Other types of sandwiches stem from the pb&j. For instance, peanut butter and banana, peanut butter and fluffy marshmallow spread, peanut butter and cinnamon, and peanut butter and honey.

As you can see, you can eat peanut butter with jelly or any other side really. It is a matter of picking out your bread, the type of peanut butter, and the jelly you enjoy the most to make the best sandwich.

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