Here are what a few people think of working with me. These are unedited reviews written by people who have worked with me.

I have the good fortune to know Amy personally and professionally. One thing I felt drawn to is Amy’s worth ethic. She’s detailed, punctual, and has a “customer first” attitude. Before accountability was a buzzword, she was taking ownership of issues and solving for the best solution. Amy has this at the heart of all she does. This is one of many reasons she’s great to work with. You can’t have a better friend or professional at your side.

Cameo Monroe

Amy has always maintained a high level of professionalism while working in a customer service setting. Working directly with her, I witnessed first hand how she interacts with others, talks with customers and has genuine concern for others.

Dawn JiminezDawn Jiminez

Amy is a stand out in the intense high volume customer service field. Her ability to actively listen and engage with customers is fantastic. She is able to handle escalations by not only resolving the issue at hand but identifying key opportunities for improvement within the organization. Amy’s positivity, willingness to engage and knowledge base are an asset to any team.

Lisa ForrestLisa Hamblin Forrest
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