2022 … A New Year Has Begun

Menominee River

A new year has begun.

2020 was supposed to be a year of new beginings for me until the virus hit the planet with a stomach punch. 2021 was supposed to be better, but it wasn’t much better for me. In November of 2021, I decided to take a new look at life.

I am the one that is in control of my happiness. I can choose to be happy or sad or grumpy or angry. I have chosen to be happy.

I have a roof over my head – not where I want to live but I have a roof over my head – I’m happy. Are you?

I have been looking for work from home jobs. Why work from home? Variety of reasons, first I have a degree from the University of New Mexico to be a Freelance Writer, so why not actually use it? I have personal health issues that working from home makes life easier and better for me as well as for my co-workers. Looking for work from home jobs has been challenging but the virus has made it easier to find those jobs actually. In addition, I have this company doing Freelance Writing / Consulting. I’m happy – are you?

Now, before you go “why is she asking me if I’m happy?” Let me tell you a few things about me and where I was compared to where I am now. Let me help you get happy.

When I was a kid I always enjoyed telling stories. In high school, I had an English teacher, who was rude as all get out to me about writing. Told me I couldn’t write a sentence to save my own life. I put so much weight on her words that I did not listen to the OTHER English teacher who saw an essay I wrote and came looking for me to tell me “you have talent, you need to follow this and become a writer”. Why did I listen to the bad over the good? Why I do not know. I know I’m not the only person who does this.

I am creative, always have been.

I can tell stories.

I deserve to follow my path and passion.

I enjoy writing.

I am happy writing.

So, I applied to the University in 2017 and was originally going to be finishing my degree in … math. Yes, I said it, math. Don’t hate me. I’m good at math. No, do not send me emails about your checking account or with algebra questions – you will only get a LOL response. Seriously, I will not answer you seriously.

I got sick the first week of school, causing me to miss the second week of school. My mom asked me why I was in college. I said, “to get an education.” She goes ‘but in what? You are experienced, you have a lot of knowledge already, I think you need to talk with your counselor.” Well, long story short (too late right? LOL), I talked with a counselor and changed my major.

Me changing my major was not a decision that I went and spoke to him and then just did it. No, it took months of thought, investigation, and then asking myself what I wanted from life.

To be happy.

So, I went to school. It was easy as far as homework assignments go. I remembered them being harder or longer or more labor-intensive or something, but they weren’t. The writing was so easy for me. It felt so natural to me. I knew, while late in life, I had found my path.

If you are old or young – it does not matter. You should give your life some thought.

Think about what makes you happy.

Do things that make you happy.

It will all fall into place when you find happiness.

Until next time, be kind to a stranger, share your smile with someone, and don’t forget I am not balancing your checkbook so don’t ask me to! LOL

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